He completely captivated our audience. I recommend Gregg to any organization that wants a dynamic, informative, fun and motivating speaker.

I could not be more happy. He delivered a remarkable presentation. He captured everyone’s enthusiasm and stirred everyone right down to their soul. Without a doubt, he knows education and delivers a very powerful and insightful message. Not only for the adults in the room, but for the youth to continue to have a dream and use education as pathway to prosperity. I am so inspired by his message.

Working with Gregg was a very easy process. We worked through contracts very easily. We had wonderful communications through phone and email and making arrangements was very, very easy. We are very pleased with the process of working with Gregg and we are appreciative of what he has delivered. We will be happy to recommend him to anyone who is interested in hiring Gregg Riley for their program.

Gregg Riley performed and spoke to our incoming freshmen class. He delivered Dr. King’s inspirational speech and students were mesmerized by his likeness and speech. Gregg then led discussion about goal setting, creating a vision, perseverance and helping each other. A very lively conversation between Gregg and the students ensued and the students left with all of their questions answered. They enjoyed the entire experience. In the brief time I have known Gregg, I have observed a man who is charismatic, talented, devoted to helping others and making a difference in the lives of students. I encourage any organization to enlist Gregg Riley to speak to students, especially high school age. They will truly be inspired by his positive message.

Gregg Riley is the most inspiring speaker we have had at our Annual Church Banquet in years. His speech was amazing. It included a walk through of our history, humor, an original song and a call to action that left the audience spellbound and ready to take action. I highly recommend Gregg Riley for any event. You will enjoy it and be motivated beyond belief.

Gregg Riley produces the most realistic and inspiring depiction of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I have ever seen. His physical resemblance, voice and mannerisms completely captivated our high school on two occasions. He also incorporates a great message for the major issues facing our community today, especially issues facing our young people. He completely gets them and they hear and get him. I highly recommend Gregg Riley to any organization, large or small. He is simply awesome.