A Motivational Speaker Who Inspires & Educates.

Colonel G is a dynamic motivational speaker captivating and empowering audiences to grow and thrive in their individual lives and community. Through powerful messages delivered with charismatic grace and intensity, Colonel G offers motivational speaking to a diversity of groups, including:

  • Businesses
  • Community Organizations
  • Schools
  • Civic Services

Goals & Steps To Get Where We Need To Be.

Clearly defined goals with achievable outcomes are part of Colonel G’s message on promoting greater diversity and better racial relations. In each speaking engagement, Colonel G highlights the social elements critical to improving civil rights for all Americans:

  • Stop the school to prison pipeline; reduce jail and prison time
  • Make education the number 1 priority
  • Reduce violence and murders by 75%
  • Make families whole again
  • Increase voter registration and engagement

Empowerment Is Knowing Your Own Value.

Colonel G believes that through confidence and commitment we empower ourselves to take control over our lives and give back to our community. Each speaking engagement focuses on these core principles critical to discovering your personal value and becoming empowered:

  • Education: Education is a civic right and plays an important role in fueling knowledge and inspiring growth. Take responsibility and pursue opportunities to learn new skills and grow.
  • Discipline: Create a program to train your mind and body and commit to its structure. Delve deep and create goals to work towards, milestones to mark, and self-assignments critical to growth.
  • Contribution: Give back to your community and pass your knowledge and education onto others. When communities, businesses, and organizations work together, we all win.
  • Action: Always remember, the cost of doing nothing is greater than the cost of action.

Experience Combined With A Global View.

Colonel G brings a wealth of experience to his speeches on empowerment, leadership, and diversity and racial relations. A distinguished military career as an Army Communication and Acquisitions Officer and a career in the private sector leading multi-million dollar software development projects gives him ample experiences to share with his audience. Living overseas and traveling all over the world exposed him to diverse communities and global views on empowerment, education, and personal growth.

Speaking Engagements Available Throughout The U.S.

Colonel G travels throughout the United States giving motivational speeches. Each speech is tailored to your audience with a question and answer session at the end. Contact Colonel G to learn more and book him as your motivational speaker today.