Teaching Your Leaders How to Lead

One of the biggest mistakes a leader can make is not giving their up and coming leaders enough opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities. Sometimes it’s from a feeling of not wanting to “give something up”. Sometimes it’s from not wanting to take the time to do some training. Whatever the reason, it’s bad for […]

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Celebrate Black History Month with Motivational Speaker Gregg Riley

Black History Month is upon us and now is the perfect time to check out sought after motivational speaker, Gregg Riley. Gregg’s uncanny physical and voice resemblance to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, creates a one-of-a-kind unique experience for any audience. His speech topics include Diversity, Non-Violence, Change Management, Teamwork, Leadership and Performance Improvement. He […]

The Argument for Diversity on College Campuses

Recent events on several college campuses across the nation highlights that there remains work to do in order to realize true diversity in higher education. This is very troubling as we near 2016 and beyond. Apparently, some of our institutions live in a bubble and do not see the world for what it is, and […]

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Our sons are our future. As parents, we try our best to keep them on the right track and keep them focused so they can grow into successful, Godly men. But sometimes we need help keeping them focused on that goal. If you’re feeling lost or just looking for a little inspiration for helping your […]

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5 Ways to the Promised Land

These are five ways to get to the Promised Land.   From its title “Steps to the Promised Land”, one would initially think this is a religious book. In some ways it is because it focuses on encouragement, priorities, survival and action. Isn’t that what religion should do? One keen observation I had while growing up was that at every family gathering the adults usually ended up discussing […]

Put yourself in a position to win!

I played sports all my life and for the most part I thought my natural athletic ability was my key to success.  I was quicker, faster or stronger than my opponents.  As I grew older and faced bigger, faster and stronger competition I realized how positioning, technique and the mental game were more important than […]